How to register at Bitkub

Go to Input your email address, password, and Click on “Join BITKUB” Check the box “I agree to Bitkub TOS, Privacy, and AML Policy.” and click “Join Bitkub”. Please click “confirm” to continue the process of verifying your email address »

How to register

Go to Click on “Register” button. Put your name, last name, email and username (Make sure you use real name since you need to verify this information). Password will be send out to your email. Use username and received password to login »

How to login

To be able to login to Bitdoi you need API Key and API Secret. 1 Go to “My Account” and scroll down until you see Generate New Key Button 2 Turn on only “Get Balance/History” and off for others, then click “Create API Key” button. You will get API »